"......Many of us have witnessed Samantha Peo grow up on stage and with Roxie Hart, she’s given a role of a lifetime – and she soars...." The Star

"......Amra Faye-Wright and Samantha Peo are a dynamic duo from theatre heaven. Both have the voices, bodies and moves to carry the production and any other actresses you may have seen in these roles will pale by comparison...." Artslink

"......The dainty samantha Peo is no stranger to fishnets, having played Janet in the 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. She is the true revelation of 'Chicago'. As Roxie Hart, she is the centrepiece of the show, being by turns, sweet and demure and cunning and vixen-like to get what she wants: freedom and fame. And Peo absolutely shines in every aspect...." Business Day

"......Samantha Peo's interpretation of the seductress is flawless. She gives Roxie a mischievious edge, making her surprisingly likeable despite her conniving ways...." Southern Mail, Western Cape

"......Samantha Peo ignites the stage with sheer sassiness. And sparkles on such evergreens as 'Funny Honey', 'Roxie' and 'Me and My Baby'...." The Jewish Report

"......The person who really steals the show is Samantha Peo, who is utterly convincing as Roxie Hart. She has that 20's feel down perfectly and her singing is exquisite...." Sunday World

"......Peo charms on sight. Romanticism has always permeated her dance and sweet innocence belies her character’s unquenchable thirst for cheap publicity...." Business Day

"......Peo, slight, dark and lithe, is edgy and plaintive, tough and vulnerable. She plays against the cliche of the whore with a heart of gold. She moves and sings with the fluidity of dark, spilt oil; her performance represents the edginess of the musical...." Arts Editor, Sunday Independent

"......Samantha Peo strikes a balance between being completely loveable and utterly self-serving, making her Roxie Hart, both appealing and appaling...." Citizen